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shameless self-promotion

hey, I’m selling stuff on Ebay to try to pay my rent and generally be more economically powerful.

if you know some emo kids who don’t know that emo means electric guitars, I’m selling 15 Bright Eyes CDs.

Right Here

If you like Cosmic Police enforcing the universe and sometimes getting to sit back and have a beer, I’m selling 3 Green Lantern books

All three Green Lantern Corps trade paperbacks

If you like zombies, bad ass suspense writing and really good characterization, I’m selling five Walking Dead trade paperbacks

The first 30 issues collected in five trades

If you like Joss Whedon or Brian K. Vaughan, I’m selling Whedon’s entire run and some of Vaughan’s work on Runaways

Runaways Volume 2 issues 19-30

if you like the Justice League or Brad Meltzer(whose book I was pimping just last month), I’m selling a whole bunch of Justice League comics by him and Dwayne McDuffie and right now it’s dirt cheap.

JLA comics are good for you

or if you like Warren Ellis, fucked up science fiction or horror comics, I’m selling two Strange Killings books

9 issues collected in two books

Feel free to pass that info on to anyone you know who is a nerd.  The auctions end around midnight tomorrow and I’m trying to bank enough money off of ebay sellings to pay this month’s rent.


Important news about the lord

Arthur Suydam, the fantastic artist and only good thing about Marvel Zombies(sorry Kirkman and Phillips, I like your other work), has completed a new cover for Alternacomics rerelease of Jesus Hates Zombies, their first anthology of Jesus and his zombie fighting adventures. This release should come out in time to coincide with the release of the second anthology, which is supposed to feature a time traveling werewolf slaying Abraham Lincoln.

If you have any sense at all, you’ve shit your pants from excitement.

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New Comics Day

I’m going to start doing this differently.  Instead of listing all the crap, I’m just going to list what’s worth buying.  Here we go.

Out today – 10/09/08

All-Star Batman and Robin #10 should be in my home today, but a criminal said cunt and Americans are a sad sensitive bunch, so call copies are being burnt and the book is being reprinted in a neutered and bleached version.  What do you expect if you put a crazy old bastard like Frank Miller on a book?  Poor form.

100 BULLETS #95 $2.99 Vertigo

Brian Azzarello is winding down his long-running crime series and I’m starting to wish I’d bought more than three issues of the damned thing.  I might start buying up the trades soon, as I’ve been contemplating it for some time.  I think these are worth checking out if you aren’t watching your budget.


Half-naked Bat-Girl, typical Gotham business.  This title looks to get real interesting next month.


Due to some kind of government program that rewrote my memory, I forgot to buy anymore of this title after issue two and I just never got around to picking it back up.  Shame too with Rick Remender working on it.


Although I tend to gravitate towards trades, this hardcover of Joe Quesada and Kevin Smith rebooting Daredevil back in 1998 is only five dollars more than the softcover.  Add in that it’s an anniversary edition and probably has some extras packed in there and I think it’s probably worth the five dollars that you don’t have to really pay for anyway if you buy it on Amazon.


I like stephen king.  I like Peter David and I LOVE Jai Lee.  The last mini-series of Dark Tower expansion stories was considerably less entertaining or emotionally involving than the first one so I really hope this one has some bite to it.

DEADPOOL #1 SI $3.99

In the nineties I remember Deadpool being a dickface Spider-Man who made fun of Wolverine a lot.  It’s a #1, so I’ll give it a shot.

DEAD SHE SAID #3 $3.99

Bernie Wrightson and Steve Niles doing what they do best – finely drawn retro horror.


This book would have been so much more appealing if both were bound together, it would have been under 400 pages the presentation would have been so much better.  It doesn’t help that this second and final batch of Eternals stories by Jack Kirby are generally regarded as garbage because the book had lost readership by the halfway mark and he was forced to incorporate various Marvel characters to try to boost the book.  That didn’t work, but it did make the work suffer.  I’ll still be buying it but I’m much more excited about Daniel Acuna’s work on the new ongoing Eternals series.  Daniel Acuna is a BAMF.

EX MACHINA #38 (MR) $2.99 Wildstorm

Although in the later issues of this series, as it winds to it’s conclusion in a storm of mediocrity, it’s become boring, I’m still planning on riding it out until the end.  I think I should have just kept reading the trades, they seem to work considerably better than sequential issues.


Greg Rucka is dicking around with the Specter and Rene Montoya in a pretty okay sidetracked trip from Final Crisis.  I’m just glad the whole thing will clock in under 30 issues.

GEN 13 #22 $2.99

I still haven’t made up my mind about this whole World’s End event, but I’ve bought every involved Wildstorm title since the reboot two years ago and I’m still interested in what Jim Lee and company have planned.


Grek Rucka and Ed Brubaker doing crime noir in Gotham without much interference from Batman.  Lately DC has been putting out some nice hardcovers, see JLA Deluxe, so I’m completely on board.  Plus, I’ve been buying up anything that Rucka or Brubaker write lately.  These guys know exactly what they’re doing.


I decided to pick up this book last month on a whim and was pretty much unaffected.  Good enough to be read, I suppose.


FUCK. YES.  You NEED to be buying both GL books.

RED SONJA #37 $2.99

I’m thinking about starting to read this.

SIMON DARK #12 $2.99

I’m getting this, but I don’t really want to read it. Sad, really.

The same can be said about Trinity, which unfortunately is still coming out.


Watching an evil Kirk conspire against a Captain Pike with a serious case of the douches has been pretty entertaining, but it’s just making me want to see a rehash of that mirror images that Enterprise did a few years back, when Scott Bakula was a pirate-style jerkbag and the enterprise were these swashbuckling assholes keeping secrets from their own government and trying to essentially take over the empire.  Fuck, that was a great episode arc.


I’m happy to see that this issue is seeing a third printing and issue #67 is getting a second printing, not just so Mark Millar gets some well deserved money, but so that many more people can read this story because it is FUCKING PHENOMENALLY ENTERTAINING.

WONDER WOMAN #24 $2.99

Gail Simone’s run on Wonder Woman is coasting along at a decent pace but I’ve yet to see her do anything new.  Unfortunately everything she’s done on this title has been a follow-up to the previous writer’s loose ends.  I’m ready to see her make this her own now that DC has taken her off of nearly everything she was doing last year.


Nazis.  Little Magneto.  Inherently expected violence.  Game on.

YOUNG LIARS #7 (MR) $2.99

It’s a safe bet to buy anything Vertigo’s putting out.  And there’s David Lapham for support.


Doktor Sleepless #1

Written by Warren Ellis

Art by Ivan Rodriguez

Avatar Press $2.99

  I think science fiction is most effective when it creates paranoia about the present with presentations of the near future.  Doktor Sleepless does this rather well.  Although no real year is given, or I totally missed it, everything to appear to be slightly in the future, but things haven’t much changed.  Graffiti is all over the city with bitter slogans like, “not my future”, or “where’s my flying car”, indicating that technology hasn’t progressed in the way that people want, but Doktor Sleepless, a mysterious, yet famous figure, has reemerged onto the scene and has shown up to yell at everyone over their apathy and discontent.  Though there are no flying cars, there are wireless instant messaging systems programmed into contact lenses that allow everyone to know where their friends are and what they’re up to at all times.  This system is called clatter.

In addition to his anger over the unappreciated technology that virtually no one has worked for, Doktor Sleepless is also annoyed that youth culture, Grinders, have taken to modifying their bodies with no concern over what the effects will be and what that means when it comes to science.  This seems to be a direct commentary on current body modification, like tattoos, piercings, scarification and the like.  I haven’t entirely figured out what Ellis is trying to say about this current trends and what they will ultimately lead to when trendiness grows more and more extreme when it lends mass “individuality” an easy way to feel(although it’s an artificial feeling) different.

So for a first issue you get some commentary about a modern phenomenon(body mods) and how we are unappreciative towards technology and demand much while inputting virtually nothing(which I essentially wholly agree with).   The art is really great, especially the busy ass covers, but I’m really intrigued by the writing.  It has the makings of a very thought-provoking science fiction dystopia mixed up in a rather interesting universe with some diverse and twisted ass characters.  Couple all of this with the knowledge that this isn’t a miniseries, but an ongoing series that will hopefully see at least fifty issues, and this could turn out to be a really great thing.

I’m just happy I have an awesome comic shop that was willing me to order a copy because they sold out and I didn’t even realize this was coming out.  READ THIS BOOK


Fallen Angel #19

Written by Peter David

Art by J.K. Woodward

Cover by Billy Tucci

IDW Publishing $3.99 

Well, I’m glad that’s over.  These last three issues that have comprised the Shi crossover have been the worst three issues of Fallen Angel and I have read every single issue, both DC and IDW, ever published.  Overall, this issue has been the best out of the three issue arc and this arc has meant the return of Woodward to handling the art, so that’s good as well.  Up until this issue I haven’t really been able to say anything good, but now I can say this:

In this issue Peter David gets back to fucking around with mythology and religion(which is really just mythology, after all) in modern society, which was a relief.  He toys with the issue of multiple gods and who is really in charge, the answer is generally no one.  I liked the concept that, as people move on from the old gods and worship the new, exciting and more relevant ones, the old gods are forgotten and their power fades.  Thus, the power of gods lies only in the belief of their followers, which is true in our society; the insanity of the Christians rules society because they believe, they accept their mythology as truth, live it, and it becomes the truth to them.  An interesting and pretty relevant concept because we live at a time where Christians, Muslims and Jews are all scrambling to stop social progress from happening because the further along we come along, the more irrelevant the old mythology becomes.

As Bill Hicks said, it’s time we evolve our ideas.


Walking Dead #41

Written by Robert Kirkman

Art and cover by Charlie Adlard and Cliff Rathburn

Image Comics $2.99 

After a mild and pretty much peaceful(if you don’t count the amputation) issue last month, Walking Dead comes out early this month and arrives with quite a bite.  By reading this issue you get the strong impression that, when the crew at the prison aren’t practicing shooting, they’re essentially waiting around for the war with Woodbury to start.  Though there isn’t much dialog devoted to the subject, Kirkman devotes a bit of his time to showing the tense mood building, which just might erupt next month maybe kind of sort of.  I actually have come to really have a fondness for not knowing when the shit is going to hit the fan, but knowing that, at some point, there’s going to be this kind of gang war in the post apocalyptic world full of zombies.

I figured Carol was up to something stupid when she was acting normal and trying to be friends with Lori again.  And I was right as hell, but it was incredibly entertaining to watch her go down via a pair of rotten teeth.  I’m all in favor of killing off the idiotic characters, not because I really hate them or anything, but because I know that eventually they’re going to fuck it up for the group.  Oddly enough, I really care about the group and want them to be okay, so when Carol goes down, it’s for the better and makes me smile.  What is VERY interesting is Alice’s idea to keep a zombie under surveillance and study them.   I think that her desire to understand them or find a cure could prove to continue to conflict with Rick’s personal craziness and controlling attitudes and it could become a lot of fun to unfold.  The idea of science in a new era without electricity or any of the advances our society has enjoyed over the last 100 years.  One of the most interesting concepts about Walking Dead is the idea of rebuilding in a world that isn’t destroyed, but it’s almost devoid of intelligence.  I hope that these concepts will be touched on sometime in the future.

Or maybe just a whole lot of fighting with some murderous strangers.


Black Summer #2 of 7

Written by Warren Ellis

Art by Juan Rose Ryp

Avatar Press $2.99 

Some readers seem to have a problem with Warren Ellis because, like most of the English, he doesn’t particularly abide by the nonsensical adoration and respect toward superheroes and formula storytelling that Americans are used to.  It’s actually because of this that I really enjoy his superhero stories.  Like Garth Ennis or Grant Morrison, you get an outside perspective on an old theme, but getting a superhero story from someone who doesn’t particularly like superheroes is great because you get to witness a writer take something bland and make it stand out.  Not just to the reader, but to the writer as well.

Black Summer is about the most powerful superhero in the world, John Horus, who has just killed the president and endangered the superhero team he’s part of by involving them by association in the event.  This issue mostly focuses on what we do when we’re backed into corners, when we’re scared and when we’re forced to fight.  The outcome is generally bad.

Ryp has seriously cleaned up his art for this issue, which improves the look quite a lot.  Instead of a messy, cluttered panel, you get a neat, clean one like above. This is far less a distraction from the story and more like an additional dialog you get visually, which only aids the story’s progression.

All in all, this was a great issue where Ellis tries to humanize the superhero by showing  them under pressure and terrified, not knowing what to do.  By doing this, showing human beings who happen to be superpowered, he comes very close to what Alan Moore did in Watchmen, making the fact that the main characters are heroes secondary and making the fact that they are people with problems primary.

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