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Batman #684

If you were on the fence about buying this issue of Batman after two years of non-stop LSD-induced Grant Morrison fun, just take a look at the cover, enjoy it and buy something else. It’s not really worth reading this last part of a two part story trying to wrap things up while extending them at the same time.

Dennis O’Neil was the editor of Batman for something like 15 years through the eighties and nineties(in fact the batman trade I’m reading right now is edited by him) and did a good amount of work writing the book back in the 1970’s before Frank Miller showed up and turned everything on it’s head. I’ve found his 70’s work, which is being reprinted in full this winter in hardcover, to be okay. Not good, not bad, but just…that’ll do, pig. This time around it’s just a step down. Nothing horrible but certainly not really worth your 15 minutes either.

There’s apparently an alternative cover. I liked it more just for the great Nightwing thinks Batman is dead shot.

I can’t decide if it’s O’Neil’s fault or not. The basic idea is to make everyone real sad because post RIP batman might be dead or he might not be. But everyone is sad and lonely and kind of afraid of the future. So in this issue you get the cops being bummed out that they actually have to do their jobs and you get nightwing sulking around, which is a shame because lately I think I’m the only person who sees the amazing potential in Nightwing becoming an astounding interesting character. I think we have one issue of Batman left before all of the bat books go on hiatus until battle for the cowl(which I am very doubtful of) begins. Then we’ll get Andy Kubert and Neil Gaiman on a two part Batman story ripping the title off of an Alan Moore Superman story from the 80’s. I’ll keep buying Batman because I love the character and I’m excited about reading “Whatever Happened to the Caped Crusader” and seeing Gaiman write something that isn’t a derivative children’s book that’s actually for high school goth girls.


Green Lantern #36

Sometimes I think about quitting superhero comics and just reading good indie stuff and human interest stuff and focusing more on reading traditional novels, devouring some classics in my spare time. Then I see things like this:

and I say, “ah, fuck it. Tolstoy can wait”

The complete mindfuck of the green lantern books has been that a year ago after the epic that was essentially empire strikes back of Geoff Johns’ GL trilogy ended, the final page basically said “oh, in 2009 the dead will rise, create their own army and go to war with all of the living. your loved ones are not safe.”

and so it goes on and on and the different corps are established and armies are built, strongholds are made, the book of Oa is rewritten and slowly and surely with major character development and fantastic art and action, we get to march towards mount fucking doom with Geoff Johns and Ivan Reis.

If you aren’t reading green lantern you are fucking with destiny.


shameless self-promotion

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New Comics Day

I’m going to start doing this differently.  Instead of listing all the crap, I’m just going to list what’s worth buying.  Here we go.

Out today – 10/09/08

All-Star Batman and Robin #10 should be in my home today, but a criminal said cunt and Americans are a sad sensitive bunch, so call copies are being burnt and the book is being reprinted in a neutered and bleached version.  What do you expect if you put a crazy old bastard like Frank Miller on a book?  Poor form.

100 BULLETS #95 $2.99 Vertigo

Brian Azzarello is winding down his long-running crime series and I’m starting to wish I’d bought more than three issues of the damned thing.  I might start buying up the trades soon, as I’ve been contemplating it for some time.  I think these are worth checking out if you aren’t watching your budget.


Half-naked Bat-Girl, typical Gotham business.  This title looks to get real interesting next month.


Due to some kind of government program that rewrote my memory, I forgot to buy anymore of this title after issue two and I just never got around to picking it back up.  Shame too with Rick Remender working on it.


Although I tend to gravitate towards trades, this hardcover of Joe Quesada and Kevin Smith rebooting Daredevil back in 1998 is only five dollars more than the softcover.  Add in that it’s an anniversary edition and probably has some extras packed in there and I think it’s probably worth the five dollars that you don’t have to really pay for anyway if you buy it on Amazon.


I like stephen king.  I like Peter David and I LOVE Jai Lee.  The last mini-series of Dark Tower expansion stories was considerably less entertaining or emotionally involving than the first one so I really hope this one has some bite to it.

DEADPOOL #1 SI $3.99

In the nineties I remember Deadpool being a dickface Spider-Man who made fun of Wolverine a lot.  It’s a #1, so I’ll give it a shot.

DEAD SHE SAID #3 $3.99

Bernie Wrightson and Steve Niles doing what they do best – finely drawn retro horror.


This book would have been so much more appealing if both were bound together, it would have been under 400 pages the presentation would have been so much better.  It doesn’t help that this second and final batch of Eternals stories by Jack Kirby are generally regarded as garbage because the book had lost readership by the halfway mark and he was forced to incorporate various Marvel characters to try to boost the book.  That didn’t work, but it did make the work suffer.  I’ll still be buying it but I’m much more excited about Daniel Acuna’s work on the new ongoing Eternals series.  Daniel Acuna is a BAMF.

EX MACHINA #38 (MR) $2.99 Wildstorm

Although in the later issues of this series, as it winds to it’s conclusion in a storm of mediocrity, it’s become boring, I’m still planning on riding it out until the end.  I think I should have just kept reading the trades, they seem to work considerably better than sequential issues.


Greg Rucka is dicking around with the Specter and Rene Montoya in a pretty okay sidetracked trip from Final Crisis.  I’m just glad the whole thing will clock in under 30 issues.

GEN 13 #22 $2.99

I still haven’t made up my mind about this whole World’s End event, but I’ve bought every involved Wildstorm title since the reboot two years ago and I’m still interested in what Jim Lee and company have planned.


Grek Rucka and Ed Brubaker doing crime noir in Gotham without much interference from Batman.  Lately DC has been putting out some nice hardcovers, see JLA Deluxe, so I’m completely on board.  Plus, I’ve been buying up anything that Rucka or Brubaker write lately.  These guys know exactly what they’re doing.


I decided to pick up this book last month on a whim and was pretty much unaffected.  Good enough to be read, I suppose.


FUCK. YES.  You NEED to be buying both GL books.

RED SONJA #37 $2.99

I’m thinking about starting to read this.

SIMON DARK #12 $2.99

I’m getting this, but I don’t really want to read it. Sad, really.

The same can be said about Trinity, which unfortunately is still coming out.


Watching an evil Kirk conspire against a Captain Pike with a serious case of the douches has been pretty entertaining, but it’s just making me want to see a rehash of that mirror images that Enterprise did a few years back, when Scott Bakula was a pirate-style jerkbag and the enterprise were these swashbuckling assholes keeping secrets from their own government and trying to essentially take over the empire.  Fuck, that was a great episode arc.


I’m happy to see that this issue is seeing a third printing and issue #67 is getting a second printing, not just so Mark Millar gets some well deserved money, but so that many more people can read this story because it is FUCKING PHENOMENALLY ENTERTAINING.

WONDER WOMAN #24 $2.99

Gail Simone’s run on Wonder Woman is coasting along at a decent pace but I’ve yet to see her do anything new.  Unfortunately everything she’s done on this title has been a follow-up to the previous writer’s loose ends.  I’m ready to see her make this her own now that DC has taken her off of nearly everything she was doing last year.


Nazis.  Little Magneto.  Inherently expected violence.  Game on.

YOUNG LIARS #7 (MR) $2.99

It’s a safe bet to buy anything Vertigo’s putting out.  And there’s David Lapham for support.


Ebay Flux Capacitor Adventures in Variated Timelines

Today some stuff showed up from the internet.  I usually buy some impulse comics in addition to looking for deals on various things that would fill in the enormous collection/library that I one day hope to share with many friends that I might someday attain.  This means that, barring a miracle that the USPS takes a break from their intense douche-baggery, I get old stuff every week.  This is kind of like show and tell.

I didn’t read DC or any independents in the 1990s when I was a teenager.  In fact, I didn’t really read anything that wasn’t x-men related.  I have a short year or so of Spider-man comics from around 1992, when they did the Clone Saga thing, but that threw me off of Spider-Man and I have yet to come back aboard 16 years later.  I was entirely unaware that independent comics were happening, that Dark Horse was doing all these great licensed property comics and developing their own universe, or that Image and Wildstorm were essentially creating massive story lines with great art.  I’ve yet to be able to determine why, but after the X-Men cartoon came out, I was never aware of anything but X-Men from 1992-1998 when I stopped reading comics due to an expensive obsession with music and CD collecting.  When I came back to comics in 2004, mostly due to Joss Whedon’s X-Men relaunch, it took me about six months to discover guys like Ben Templesmith, Steve Niles, Warren Ellis, Grant Morrison and a huge group of English writers had been doing tons of work that I had missed out on.  This was, of course, in addition to the horrifying revelation that DC had done a ton of great content in the nineties that I had missed out on.  Some of this work was the Tangent line, an attempt to create an entire new universe using classic character names but infusing them with new abilities, personalities and settings.  This was all done through the use of one-shots, each featuring a different character.  A few of these showed up today.

the Green Lantern issue was why I really bought this lot of four issues, which also included Secret Six, The Superman and the Joker.  It was interesting and not at all related to the cosmic ideas that the Lantern comics in mainline DC continuity that has drawn me in, but it was more of a mystical revenge story written by James Robinson of Starman fame.  Along with the other issues, the art was better than the writing of this particular issue, in this case being done by J.H. Williams III, but this isn’t to say Robinson’s outing into the unknown was bad, it was just really out there without anything to fall back on.  I found it refreshing and unappealing at the same time, though I ultimately liked it.  I intend to buy the three trades that have all of these one-shots bound together, hoping that reading them in that format will tell a story that assumes some semblance of continuity and sense, not just vignettes of the unknown.

I also managed to win Neil Gaiman and Charles Vess’ Stardust softcover for about five dollars, which is a deal considering it’s a $20 book.  I’ve been trying to go around and buy up Gaiman’s relatively small amount of DC work from the 80’s to the 90’s and this trade will make four Vertigo books of his that I now have for my graphic novel library if you don’t count the three massive Absolute Sandman books I’ve been buying as they come out. There are so many versions of this book – the trade, the mass market novelization, the big $40 hardcover illustrated, there’s even a damned movie and at some point they put it out in single issue format, but this is the only version I really need, though a few years ago I got the MMTPB for X-mas and have yet to take a peek at it.  I’m excited to dig into it.

And finally, as a continuation of my absence from DC Comics in the 1990’s, I managed to find Zero Hour: Crisis in Time, the entire mini-series that acted as both a sequel to and bridge between Crisis on Infinite Earths and Infinite Crisis.  The books essentially try to tie up loose ends and establish a solid time line and continuity throughout the whole of the DC Universe.  Jerry Ordway and Dan Jurgens do an excellent job plotting this out and the art is classic 90’s superhero art.  Great Stuff.


no swearing in Gotham

Rich Johnston seems to have gathered the proper scans of why the newest All-Star Batman and Robin has been recalled and any copies have been destroyed per DC’s request. language that hurts boring people and retards who think that MURDERERS AND CRIMINALS don’t swear like the rest of us.

Where my opinion differs is that this is a depiction of realistic dialogue, I’ve heard harsher things thrown at a clerk who didn’t have a douche bag’s specific cigarette brand. I think this book could be considerably better and perhaps sell more copies if they’d just slap a vertigo logo on there and tell the boring vanilla people to leave it on the goddamned shelf and buy Paul Dini’s Detective. Bitches.


Batman #679

Written by Grant Morrison

Art by Tony Daniel, Sandu Florea and cover by Alex Ross

Part four of Batman: R.I.P. really heats up and brings the reader in by not making any fucking sense.  I have to say, for an issue where I was thinking to myself, “have I ever read an issue of Batman before?”, it was pretty good.  Only Grant Morrison can make you think you don’t know what’s going on when you’ve been consecutively reading Batman for three years without missing a single issue.  It might be because there are so many references to Batman plot lines from 35 years ago, it might be because suddenly Batman is in a purple costume, criminals have taken over the batcave, Alfred might actually be Bruce’s father but probably not, Nightwing is in Arkham asylum, you know, the little things.  Morrison brings the WTF by making huge, impacting situations occur off screen and then mildly referencing them, like when the Bush administration pretends like dumping an olympic size swimming pool of water down a guy’s throat because he was guilty of being Arabic on a Thursday afternoon is something that just happens, like when you take a shit and forget to flush because that article in Variety about Angelina Jolie’s kid was THAT good.

I tend to get sidetracked.  And yes, I will still defend Morrison to every fuckwit von douche who thinks Paul Dini is doing a better job doing Batman stories that accomplish nothing new.  Dini is writing vanilla sex in Detective, Morrison is doing a reach around on PCP, mushrooms, a handful of MDMA with help from a guy in a Godzilla suit, three chimps, four employees of the Jim Rose Circus and Phyllis Diller blown out of her mind of illegal Japanese pain killers with a David Lynch movie blaring in the background.  Morrison is sometimes confusing and the situation is risky but you know Godzilla has that healing love touch.

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